Sunday, August 15, 2010


From the beginning, this has been an exercise in non-attachment.  It started when we found that the plastic figure of Hanuman (which we had fished out of the canal, and, on a whim, placed on one of the mutitudinous unintentional niches on the wall) had disappeared into the unknown.   We put things up, we release them to whatever happens next, we come by a week later and find them still there, or gone, or smashed in pieces on the ground.

Actually we've only found smashed pieces a few times, and not recently.  For many weeks now we've just found last week's figures vanished.

So I was a little bit bummed when after first seeing that the wall, once again, was bare (not unexpected), upon further exploration, I found about a dozen small shards of last week's angel on the ground off to the side.

My friend was more philosophical, as we have been letting these symbols go every week even as we have been putting them up on display.  But I must admit, I was a little dismayed.  I was kind of hoping the disappeared figurines were finding new homes, or keeping company with the fishes at the bottom of the canal.  Smashed shards of pottery seem so - well, so violent a response.

Ah well.  Blessings to you too, poor soul so scarred from who-knows-what experiences that you would feel the need to smash to bits a silly little piece of kitschy pottery such as last week's angel.

I gathered up the few shards I found lying on the ground and placed them in front of the original shards on the same niche we've been using all this time (smack in the middle of the graffitti that started this whole thing off).

Then we put up a new angel, and accompanying cherub.



We also noticed some tiny shards of green glass on a niche lower down and to the right.

It was the remains of a wine bottle.  We found lots more green glass shards, plus the cork, on the ground next to the wall.

So much unsolved mystery here.

Were the wine bottle shards in the niche placed there deliberately, as a commentary on our angel niches?  Did the same party who smashed the wine bottle also smash last week's angel? 

Or maybe one person placed the unbroken wine bottle in a nearby niche as a witty contribution, and then a second person came along and smashed everything, showing rather lack of wit, and some grumpiness to boot. 

Did the smasher paint the grafitti?  Or was that someone else entirely?

What happened to the rest of last week's angel?  The shards we found only constitute about 20%, at most, of the total pottery piece.   

What happened to the swan?  All of the shards clearly came from the angel: none were from the swan.

So many unaswerable questions!

It's a weekly mystery!


  1. Well gosh thank you so much! That means a lot to me, coming from you, because I think your work is way brilliant too.

    I must say that my friend and I are having lots of fun with this.

    I hope the smasher can find a way to have some kind of sweet fun too.