Tuesday, July 27, 2010


We got 7 inches of rain Friday night.  When we arrived at the wall, the path and the boat landing were still a foot deep in floodwater.

We could see from where we stood that our trio of figurines from last week had vanished.  But not having had the foresight to bring our galoshes, we just took photos, watched a big snapping turtle swim leisurely over the boat landing (neither of us were quick enough with our cameras to get a photo of that), communed with Nature, and left. 

From the traces of mud left on the tall wildflowers, it appeared that the canal had risen an incredible 4 or 5 feet over its usual level.  It was down quite a bit from the high-water mark by the time we got there Sunday morning, but you can see from the line of driftwood across the path how high the water had risen.

It was amazing!

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