Monday, July 12, 2010


This is a lovely quiet spot by a small man-made canal.

Lots of wildflowers, insects, birds and small wildlife.

One day my friend and I came by for our weekly visit and found that the retaining wall had been defaced by a silly-loooking blotch of graffiti.


We decided to bless the wall.

We've been doing this for weeks now.  Every week we bring a new symbol of our blessing spirits.  Sometimes we find that last week's offering is still there.  A few times people have made their own additions:  an empty beer bottle, a symmetrical arrangement of sparkly crushed beer cans, once even a trio of burned-out votive candles. 

Other times we find the wall bare except for the graffiti.  We don't know where the figures disappear to.  Maybe they went off to a good home.  Maybe they lie in peace at the bottom of the canal.  A few times we found last week's symbol shattered in pieces on the ground.  We took the tiny shards of glass and porcelain, put them back on the wall again, and placed a new figure to stand in blessing over the broken pieces.   The city hasn't painted out the graffiti, so we decorate it.

~  *  ~

As for the broken or vanished symbols - well, there's lots more where those came from.


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  1. Good for you that you keep trying at the blessing wall. If your give up, you have given in. So good for you and your friend. I wanted to stop by and say a belated thank you for your kind words about the opening of my shop. It is going well, and I have finally posted the photos. Please stop by if through the blog only. Maybe sometime you will be visiting Maine from Chicago, hey it could happen. Thanks again.